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Fasiha Khan


Fasiha Khan is an American ex- pat who has practiced law in two countries; in the United States and since 2014, here in Canada.  She received her law degree from the University of Baltimore School of Law where she studied with a concentration in family law and was selected for the University of Baltimore Family Law Clinic.  Fasiha also spearheaded that clinic’s first student led community legal education workshop focused on the legal rights of domestic violence survivors in the Muslim community.  Later, she continued her passion for family law in private practice by representing survivors of domestic violence in their child custody and access matters.


Fasiha is community oriented and wasted no time making her contribution as an advocate for domestic violence survivors with a non-profit organization, in providing legal service at a local abused women’s shelter and by presenting at conferences about domestic violence and the law.


Fasiha’s avid dedication and curiosity keep her knowledgeable about the range of issues affecting families, including adoption, immigration law, wills and Islamic wills, and powers of attorney.   Her commitment to community advocacy also translates to an interest in charity and non-profit organization law.


In her spare time, Fasiha loves spending time with her family.  She and her husband have one lovely son. Fasiha loves chasing that next sunset across the globe from the Grand Canyon to Barcelona to Dhaka and back. When she’s not with her family, Fasiha likes, believe it or not … kickboxing! 

Contact Information:
Phone: (905) 793-0557
Email: service@sterlinglaw.ca