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There are many times where a sworn Affidavit or Declaration may be required to prove the truth of a matter that affects you.  Whether it is a government agency such as Canada Revenue Agency, the government of a foreign country or your own affidavit for a miscellaneous matter, the lawyers at Sterling Law are ready and able to assist you in drafting, amending and swearing or affirming your affidavit, ensuring that you have all the documentation you need, signed and or notarized as required by the local or foreign agencies, so that your applications, legal proceedings or business dealings are successful. 


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We have well over 25 years of experience and understand what you’re going through. 

We endure many hardships and make untold sacrifice for our loved ones.  So when a separation or divorce occurs, we are wounded at the core.  The bravest of us wither; we crumble; we become unable to perform our basic day-to-day activities, much less take on the legal system.  At Sterling Law we understand.  We are ready to address your situation now to ensure that you safeguard your family and property. 


Not only do we understand the intricacies of all the issues involved; Equally importantly, we at Sterling Law understand that this is one of the most challenging times you’ll ever experience. 


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